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Cruise In and Explore Seattle

Your adventure starts in Seattle It's the city where grunge music was born, tech is chic, and every turn promises to bring another unexpected adventure. Whether you're exploring the world famous Pike Place Market, or checking out Starbuck's ground-breaking Reserve...

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Hiram M. Chittenden Locks and Lake Washington Ship Canal

The Hiram S. Chittenden Locks are just one of many stops aboard our Sights and Bites bus tour of Seattle. Before you visit this engineering marvel with us, we thought we'd provide a little background as to its history. Affectionally known as the Ballard Locks by local...

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20 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in Seattle in 2015

We may be fast approaching winter in Seattle, the days are getting shorter, and the cruise ships are long gone. But that doesn't mean there isn't lots to see and do around Seattle during the holiday season. If you plan on being in the area soon, here's a list of 30...

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The Fremont Troll: At the Center of the Universe

Fremont has always been a vague and mysterious place. Some of the old timers here will tell you there were troll sightings ever since the Aurora Bridge went up in 1932. Of course, now there are plenty of sightings. It seems the Troll sculpture has made Fremont into a...

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Seattle’s Downtown Cruise Terminals

Convenience in a spectacular setting Two downtown cruise terminals and convenient air travel connections make Seattle the preferred choice for Alaska or Pacific Northwest cruises. Select from 11 premier ships for your cruise adventure. In 2015, Seattle will host 192...

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